1972 - April

Radiologie LaSalle is founded by doctors Gérard Goulet and André Morissette at Médicentre LaSalle, the first and only medical and radiology center of excellence in the area. It offered general and specialized radiology services.

1987 - June

Dr. Bertrande Bournival acquires and develops mammography services. We are accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiology and the Quebec Breast Cancer Screening Program (PQDCS). We have a new digital mammograph of the latest generation.

1997 - December

We Start our general and specialized ultrasound service. We offer in our two examination rooms a full range of ultrasound examinations. This includes, among others, echocardiography, Doppler study of blood circulation, musculoskeletal ultrasound with a range of ultrasound-guided interventions, obstetrical ultrasound ,breast ultrasound, trans-vaginal pelvic exams and transrectal prostate ultrasound/biopsy.

1998 - November

We Start a bone densitometry service for the study of bone density and osteoporosis.

2008 - August

Renovation, expansion and modernization of Radiologie LaSalle with the acquisition of new equipment and the addition of new services.

2008 - November

Acquisition of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging service (MRI). Our high-technology equipment with a large opening (70cm) and only 125 cm long allows overweight people to feel more comfortable during the exam and reduces anxiety in claustrophobic patients.

2008 - December

We took the digital revolution and become one of the first medical imaging clinics to digitize radiological examinations by acquiring new digital fluoroscopy and radiography equipments. We install a new radiology information system (RIS) and a new pictures archiving, and communication system (PACS).

2012 - March

Radiologie LaSalle acquires a new digital mammography unit accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiology (ACR) and the Quebec breast cancer screening program (PQDCS). It allows a very high quality examination and provides increased comfort for patients.

2012 - April

Acquisition of 2 new top of the line ultrasound equipments. They enable us to offer the highest quality ultrasound examinations.

2012 - May

Our group of radiologists inaugurates a new satellite radiology clinic in the city of Delson. It meets a regional need by providing X-ray and ultrasound services. It is highly successful, well appreciated and growing rapidly.

2013 - February

Groupe UnImage gets its accreditation with Accreditation Canada and thus meets all quality and safety criteria demanded by this organism.

2013 - July

We proceed to the acquisition of the Lachine Radiology Clinic founded in 1973 by Drs André Morissette and Gerard Goulet and thereby allows us to close the loop...

2015 - October

A new start for Radiologie Lachine by moving it to a new medical complex with the addition of an ultrasound Service.

2018 - November

Relocation and expansion of Radiologie Delson which now has 2 ultrasound rooms and a new X-ray machine.

2019 - May

Addition of a third ultrasound room at Radiologie LaSalle.

2019 - June

In order to expand our regional network of medical imaging services we Start-up Radiologie Metro Monk on Allard street in Montreal offering radiography and ultrasound services.

2020 - May

Acquisition of Radiologie Île-des-Sœurs (IDS) offering radiography, ultrasound and bone densitometry services. This allows us to complete one of the largest regional networks in medical imaging.